Learn the Processes and Strategies We Use to Create Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns For Businesses in Different Niches

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REAL Accounts. REAL Results.

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Learning Facebook Advertising can be overwhelming with so many courses and content options available. Those new to the field often struggle with setting up and using Facebook’s advertising platform, creating compelling ad copy and visuals, and targeting the right audience.

Understanding the ideal customer’s needs and interests is crucial but challenging, making it difficult to identify the target audience and achieve desired results. Additionally, measuring and analyzing ad campaign performance can be daunting without the right tools or knowledge.

Each niche has specific types of ad copies and creatives that work, adding to the complexity for those entering the field. Keeping up with Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm and policies is also a challenge, as it may result in missing out on new features and best practices, ultimately affecting campaign success.

What Exactly is “FAMA ACCELERATOR” Program?

FAMA ACCELERATOR is a workshop to help you learn Facebook Ads in the shortest time possible. It is short and concise yet packed with proven strategies that are easy to implement for different niches.

It is designed to help accelerate your journey into Facebook Advertising.

We’ll tell you exactly where to start and share with you our proven strategies for different industries. We’ll share with you where and how to get clients so that all you have to do is implement.


Get ready to learn straight to the point, no fluff, no B.S. lessons about Facebook Ads from first hand experience handling businesses from different niches.


We’ve structured it such that you’ll know exactly what to do no matter the niche you chose. We kept first things first. Because in this world where information is at the tip of our fingers, it’s hard to know where to focus to get the best results.

Hi I’m Sarah. I am the founder of Facebook Ads Mastermind Academy (FAMA).


We help Filipinos become world-class media buyers. FAMA is a community of Ad Strategists specializing in Facebook and Instagram.


It’s a close knit group of 400+ people with 7 team leaders who set out on a mission to help our students overcome challenges they encounter in their journey towards being a highly paid, world class ad specialist.


I’m proud to say that FAMA has raised students who have delivered results and value to their clients. They have developed their skills and expertise in their chosen niches.

Inside FAMA, our team leaders are like our guardian angels. They hold the students’ hands, making sure they push through amid struggles, providing assistance whenever and wherever needed.

FAMA Accelerator program is facilitated by FAMA Team Leaders.

We want people outside the community to also experience how these guardian angels help aspiring online freelancers by providing guidance, tips and proven strategies on Facebook Advertising.

Imagine learning a high paying skill in only 3-days. A skill no one can take away from you. A skill you can use to actually earn money online. A skill you can use to actually build an online business.

Imagine finally gaining the confidence you need to be able to take that step into the world of online freelancing because you have mentors and a community who will guide you through it.

Imagine having a roadmap of exactly what to do to be a Facebook Ads Specialist for whatever niche you choose; knowing exactly where to focus so you get the best results.

Imagine finally earning extra so you can treat the family or travel to that place you have long been planning to visit.

Imagine finally considering quitting that full time job that is slowly taking your life away from you.

Imagine finally being free…

…free from having to struggle with heavy traffic everyday

…free from debts

…free to live life the way you want.

You only have to take action right here, right now.

But I also do know this is not for everyone.

Tell me if this sounds like you...


Or you can take action now!

This Program is For You if..

You seek freedom. Freedom from financial problems. Freedom from feeling like you lack the skills and confidence.

You are ready to take action. This is a 3-day workshop only precisely because we want you to be able to implement right away.

This Program is NOT For You if..

You are comfortable with where you are now and don’t feel like you have more to offer; that you can be so much more.


You don’t want to take action. You’d rather stay in your comfort zone. You hate challenges. You hate growth.

And if you need a little more push, see what students say about this program.



➡️ One Year Access to the 16 Recorded Case Studies and Other Bonus Materials

➡️ Exclusive access to FAMA Accelerator FB Group

➡️ And exclusive access to Group Chat where you can ask us questions


🔥 Facebook Ads Proposal Document that We Used to Close a 3-month Deal with an Ecommerce Brand

🔥 The Basic of Facebook Ads Advertising where you will learn the following:

Lesson 1: Intro to Facebook Ads
Lession 2: Facebook Ads Set Up
Lesson 3: Facebook Ads Placement and Formats
Lesson 4: Let’s Create a Facebook Ad!

🔥 Preparing for Success

Lesson 1: Setting Up Your BM, Ad Account, FB Page and Payment Method
Lesson 2: Adding People And Assigning Assets
Lesson 3: Campaign Ad Sets and Ads
Lesson 4: How to Choose the Right Campaign Objective

Total Value = ₱100,000.00

Regular Price = ₱7,999.00

Today's Price = ₱2,499.00

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Learn the Processes and Strategies We Use to Create Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns


₱2,499 ONLY​

➡️ One Year Access to the 16 Recorded Case Studies and Other Bonus Materials

➡️ Exclusive access to FAMA Accelerator FB Group

➡️ And exclusive access to Group Chat where you can ask us questions



Yes! This workshop is best for beginners! This is designed to be a roadmap for beginners so you know exactly where to start and what to focus on to accelerate your career as a Facebook Ads Specialist

If you already have basic knowledge of Facebook Ads, this is good for you too because we will present the most up to date, proven strategies in this workshop and some bonuses too!

Yes, there is a dedicated Facebook group for Accelerator students. You will receive an email instructions on how to join the group.

Due to the nature of this course and due to the amount of effort we have to put to create this program, and the sheer value that we give not only in the modules but also in the bonuses to be given, we do not give refunds.

NO. We have a dedicated day to discuss where to get clients and how to reach out to prospects. We also have templates you can use in communicating with prospects. We also have team leaders who can guide you in every step of your journey. We basically give you everything you need to be able to have clients.

Ultimately, it’s in your hands. If you take action, you will definitely have clients. If not, you can’t expect clients to go running to your feet, can you?

Please send us an email at info@famaph.com and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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